Current Version Version: 2.3 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Jirbo, Inc.
Price Free
Description ATTENTION JIRBO FANS: our mesmerizing new 3D fish game, Tap Reef has launched for iPhone and iPad. Check out to download the game! ----- TYPE N TALK HIT #1 IN THE APP STORE! ---- TYPE N TALK VERSION 2.1 HAS BEEN APPROVED! UPDATE NOW TO ACCESS NEW FEATURES: -NEW VOICES! -TWITTER FUNCTIONALITY - TWEET @ FRIENDS! -CLEARER SOUND OUTPUT! ---- The Type and Talk Family has over 4 million users worldwide! Bloomberg names Type n Talk one of the 28 most popular things on the planet. "[Jirbo is] a hit factory." - Bloomberg Business Week - August 2010 Submit your ideas for the next update on twitter @typentalk! Thank you for your support! We take your reviews to heart - we're actively checking the comments section for new ideas! ---- What are people saying about Type n Talk? "I proposed to my girlfriend with this app and she was so flattered that I did it in such a unique way she said yes!!!" "iPhone App of the Week" - The Epoch Times "Omg this iz so funny! i made it say a rap by nicki minaj & it was hilarious!! i plugged it up to my speakerz and made it talk but my mom was freaked out lmao!! :) THIS IZ A GOOD APP. get it. [i cant believe itz free!]" "Haha this thing is soo fun especially when ur battling it out wid ur buds!" "IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A" - "Finally a free text to speech app! Thank you! It's amazing!" "The absolute coolest app I've ever downloaded. And it's free. Hell yea." "Amazing...I love it!!! Awesome 4 prank calling friends [...]" "This is sooo cool, I can't believe it actually works! It's pretty freakin AWESOME!!!" ---- Does your iPhone talk? With Type n Talk by Jirbo, you'll have your very own handheld robot friend. Simply type in a word, or even a whole phrase, and tap "Speak" to hear your iphone talk in a robotic voice. Confuse your friends with a mysterious voice coming from who knows where. - You type, it speaks - Five hilarious voices - User submission area -Tap-to-Tweet functionality -And more! Keep the 5 star reviews coming! We value your feedback and support! THANK YOU!!! ----------------------------------------------- CONGRATULATIONS TO HOWARD YERMISH, THE FIRST PLACE WINNER IN OUR TYPE N TALK VIDEO CONTEST!!! To check out the winning video, go to Thanks to everyone who participated!

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