Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Allstays LLC
Price $1.00
Description Where's the next interstate exit with Shell diesel? Where's the next exit with Exxon Mobil with diesel? Where is the next 7-Eleven that also sells diesel?

iExit Diesel knows. And for less than a jumbo soda, you can know with less hassle. Stop hunting for the green sign or pump handle.

iExit Diesel is designed to easily communicate where your next interstate stop should be within seconds of starting up. It automatically determines if you're on the interstate, what direction you're traveling, and which upcoming exits contain your favorite brands that carry diesel, even when you have no phone service!

iExit Diesel contains 106 different brands and thousands of independents for a total of over 35,000 stations. These are only stations with diesel that actually reported a price for diesel as they went into the app. (Prices are not in the app.) If they didn't report a diesel price, they are not in the app.


- Switches automatically between "Off Interstate" and "On Interstate" modes depending on your location & direction.
- Lets you look up to 150 exits (~350 miles) down the road.
- All Favorites View: Find exits containing multiple favorite brands.
- Next Favorite View: Find exits containing a single favorite brand, highlighting the very next exit.
- Handles interstate junctions so you can enter multiple interstates.
- Search for specific stations around you on a Google map, even when off the interstate.
- One-touch calling for all stations that want their number listed.
- One-touch turn-by-turn directions for all POIs.
- Knows if POIs are left/right off the interstate and their distance from the exit.
- Customize app to show stations from right by exit to 10 miles away and distances in-between.
- Works when iPhone has no phone service.
- Supports a manual lookup mode where users can look up exits on any interstate in the US.
- Supports an FAQ section to help walk users through iExit Diesel.
- Also contains Rest Areas and Welcome Centers.

BONUS: The app also includes over two thousand Welcome centers, turn outs, service plazas, scenic vistas and rest areas broken down by heading. A detail view lists each rest stops amenities like restrooms, picnic tables, vending machines, pet-friendly, RV dump, handicap accessible, security and even wi-fi. You can even filter to see which ones have wifi or RV dump stations.

iExit Diesel is constantly being updated with more highways, features and data points.

Application development by Metrocket, LLC

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