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Description With Avego, you can turn your car into a bus! Avego will offer your empty seats to other people along your route in real time. Avego shares the cost of the journey between the driver and rider, saving everyone time and money.


Driving alone is costly, both for the planet and for your pocket. With so many single-occupancy vehicles on our roads, we face increasing traffic congestion, CO2 emissions and fuel costs. However, for many people there are no viable alternatives that take them from where they live to where they work.

Avego Shared Transport extends the public transportation network to private cars running on every road, by providing a marketplace for drivers to offer their unused seats to other people in real time. In this way, we can maximize transportation efficiency using an existing untapped resource – the vast amounts of empty seats that travel our roads every day.


- On-demand real-time ride matching
- Electronic micropayment transaction management at the end of the journey based on the distance traveled
- Real-time passenger information, so the rider is informed just before the driver approaches the pick-up point
- Comprehensive safety features, including: ride match filtering; PIN authentication of riders; registered users only; and a self-policing, self-correcting user rating system
- Anyone can book a ride online or any web-enabled phone
- Audio notifications for drivers, so drivers never have to interact with the app while driving
- Simulated (“ghost”) riders, so drivers can try out the system before picking-up and dropping-off real people
- User created stops and routes, so the network expands organically throughout a region
- Accurate reporting of C02 savings, distance traveled, journey history, etc.
- Time-to-arrival information for each stop along a driver’s route
- Push notifications


***ITS America Smart Solutions Spotlight Award (April 2010) ***

Soon you may no longer need to stick out your thumb to catch a ride. Instead, you may get one by tapping your fingers on your iPhone. (The New York Times)

The most promising app I saw is the carpooling app Avego… which is described as a "cross between carpooling, public transit, and eBay," with a user reputation/feedback mechanism included; it also would include a payment function—i.e., a way to help out with gas money—which, as one rideshare expert put it to me, "is always awkward in person. (

This is a great way to reduce commuting expenses. It should resonate with anyone looking to help the environment and save money in the process. (

This service… is perfect for a time of high gas prices, environmental concerns and poor public transit options. Not only does the system promise to make carpooling easier, it also gives drivers a financial incentive to pick up passengers because riders pay drivers a per-mile fee to defray gas costs. (The San Jose Mercury News)

Here's another one for Stacy's list of the top 10 mobile applications launching at Demo - but this one's greener than the rest... (GigaOM)

It’s a new way of thinking about commuting, offering more efficient transit options, lowered gas costs and environmental benefits. (Chris Shipley, Executive Producer of the DEMO conferences)

The Avego system is an ingenious approach of shared transit enabling private individuals to become part of the transport solution to rising fuel prices and coming fuel shortages. (Pat Murphy, executive director of Community Solutions)

Version 2.0 includes a much improve driver experience (auto-acceptance of ride requests, push notifications, no need to pre-record routes and much more) and ri