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Price $20.00
Description McAfee® Family Protection helps protect children of all ages from exposure to inappropriate internet content and supports their early education about online threats. It empowers you to let your children explore the mobile Internet more freely while being able to monitor their online activities, including their physical device locations.

McAfee Family Protection is easy to set-up and fun to use. Packaged as a dedicated secure mobile Internet browser it offers a superior browsing experience including search bar, tabbed browsing, pinch, zoom, resize, landscape view, manage bookmarks, share links via email, animated content, save images, copy and paste, and more. It is simple to set-up, generates usage reports automatically and provides immediate protection for your children.


URL & Search Filtering
oAutomatically blocks inappropriate web pages
oFilters inappropriate sites in search results
oProtection from exposure to adult content

Location Tracking (while browsing)*
oTracks physical device location while browsing

Usage Monitoring & Reporting
oSee browsing and location history
oLogs visited pages, dates, times, duration
oReview blocked URLs with one click

Control & Customize from everywhere
oOnline management portal
oAccess via Internet or mobile device
oManually add or remove blocked web pages
oRemotely disable browsing altogether

Uncompromised Browsing
oWorks just like Safari
oURL and Search bar
oTabbed browsing
oPinch, Zoom, Resize
oLandscape view
oManage bookmarks
oEmail URL-links
oAnimated content
oSave images
oCopy and Paste
oCookies, Java Script, etc.

Uncompromised Connectivity
oSupports WiFi, 3G, EDGE Networks

*Using cell tower triangulation; feature accuracy may vary, and may not function in all areas.