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MoneyWell gives you powerful personal finance organization and analysis tools in a simple, uncluttered, single-window solution. Without running complex reports or having to trudge through six levels of pie charts, you'll know immediately if your spending is on track.

An Electronic Twist on "Envelope Budgeting"

Splitting up your paycheck into envelopes for each category of your budget is a tried and true method for stopping overspending. Unfortunately, with direct deposit and debit cards that work like cash, it's nearly impossible to do today. MoneyWell supercharges that concept and gives you back control over your spending with spending buckets.

Find What You're Looking For Quickly

Want to see all your dining out transactions from last month? There's no need to run a report or find one transaction at a time. Just click the Dining bucket, click last month's graph bar and you're done. One or two clicks completes almost any lookup. What if you knew the entry had the word "apple" in it? Just type "apple" in Search Transactions and instantly see the results before you finish typing.

International Currency and Dates

MoneyWell uses your International settings in the System Preferences panel to format numbers, currency, and dates. With MoneyWell, you not only control your spending—you control how it looks! You can choose a different currency for each account and also set exchange rates to automatically convert amounts for transfers.

Direct Connect Banking

MoneyWell allows you to directly talk to hundreds of banks and other financial institutions giving you one-click access to your accounts. Setting up direct connect banking with MoneyWell is a breeze too. Simply follow the built-in guide that steps you through selecting your financial institution, entering your login information, and adding your accounts.

For those banks that don't support direct connections, MoneyWell still makes it easy to avoid manual entries by allowing you to import common file formats like OFX, QFX, QIF, and CSV.

Dropbox Sync with MoneyWell for iPhone

Securely sync your MoneyWell data from anywhere you have access to the internet. Now you can take MoneyWell with you when you shop. MoneyWell for Mac syncs with MoneyWell for iPhone, so you can check to make sure you have money in your Entertainment bucket balance before you buy that movie ticket. Pull to sync on your iPhone and you Mac is immediately updated with your new transactions. And don't worry about prying eyes, you supply a password that encrypts your data during transmission and while stored on Dropbox.

Favorite Transactions

We tend to shop and spend at the same places and have repetitious bills and expenses. MoneyWell automatically builds a list of Favorite Transactions for you as you import or enter transactions. The next time you start to type a payee name that matches one of these, MoneyWell will complete the transaction entry for you.

Sharing with Numbers or Excel

Ever want to play around with your transaction data or prepare a worksheet for your accountant? MoneyWell makes this easy: Simply select the transactions, then copy and paste to any application that accepts tab-delimited data. MoneyWell makes it easy to get your numbers into Numbers.

Legendary Support

No Thirst Software is proud of its reputation for timely support and we will do whatever it takes to keep that reputation shiny. Support is fast, free and just a click away!

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