Current Version Version: 4.5 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Mobilinga GmbH
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Description Start learning the language of some of the world’s most passionate names: Carreras, García Márquez, Neruda, Picasso ... _____________________________________ Want more words? Mobilinga also offers "Spanish Vocabulary (5000 words)". _____________________________________ The ideal app for beginners!  Acquire basic Spanish vocabulary using our virtual flashcards, based upon the recognised Leitner learning system.  Every one of the 500+ words is combined with an example sentence, so you can practice the vocabulary in a useful context. Whether you are going to Spain for leisure or on business, these words and phrases will help you make the most of your stay. Once you have memorized them, you will be able to talk about your family, your hobbies, or even the weather in Spanish!   The application covers the following categories:   Speaking Learn to say hello, introduce yourself, please and thank you, and goodbye in Spanish. Family Learn to tell your Spanish friends or business partners something about your family. This includes children, siblings and other relatives such as grandparents and cousins. Eating and Drinking Learn to order food and drinks in Spanish restaurants. Men We have collected the most important words about the body as well as appearance (and even feelings) just for you! Time Having learned these words about times and dates making appointments in Spain will be second nature to you. Life Do you like to travel the world and make new friends? Are you doing sports in your time off? Or, do you prefer reading a good book? With the help of Mobilinga you will soon be able to talk about yourself in Spanish. Nature We hope you get the see the countryside while you’re in Spain. That’s why we’ve included words for plants, animals, seasons and the weather.   Prize winning software by Linguatec is used to add sounds to the all words and phrases, making it easy to practice pronunciation.   The read- out mode enables you to listen to the vocabulary while doing something else. Note: The Mobilinga application only works on the iPhone and iPod touch with OS 3.0 or higher.  

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