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Description NOW $.99 CENTS through the end of this month! "Like a rave in your pocket" - Slide To Play Want to win a chance to have your band's music added to the next FREE Update email your track to: ======================================= Get ready to combine the music you love with your favorite cuddly, undead animals in Skelanimals Dance Party! Skelanimals Dance Party is a new rhythm game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that will challenge to hit songs. With immersive and challenging gameplay, your favorite Skelanimals characters, and tracks EXCLUSIVE tracks, Skelanimals Dance Party is a must-own for all the Skelanimals fans and music lovers out there. Featured Artists Include: Family Force 5 The Secret Handshake Breathe Carolina Ultraviolet Sound Sparks The Rescue Fight Fair White Tie Affair The Maine Let’s Get It And More... New Songs: Looking for unreleased songs? Skelanimals Dance Party features tracks exclusive to the game that you won’t find anywhere else! Unlockable Characters: Skelanimals Dance Party features 10 unlockable Skelanimals, each with its own unique dance moves designed exclusively for the game. Post scores on the online leaderboards... and get ready to compete for Free Skelanimals, concert tickets, and more!!