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iPad HD Edition of the popular Photo Captions iPhone/iPod app, a top 10
Photography app

A picture is worth a thousand words. Photo Captions give you the ability to add much more. Don't save or share standard plain photos anymore. Decorate them with shapes and image annotations, rich text captions, and frames or make personalized and creative Photo Cards. Add thoughtful text captions. Then email them, publish them on Facebook or store them locally.

Besides a complete new UI, the HD edition also adds several photo effects and filters and new sets of image objects including sunglasses, hats, mustaches, beards, kids and baby shapes and new card backgrounds.

Customize your photos with beards, mustaches, tattoos, hairstyles, hats, etc or make custom rich photo greeting cards with hundreds of included photo stickers and a growing library of more photo elements with updates all from within a single app.


- Use the 2 finger pinch to rotate and scale objects after selecting the object with a tap.
- Customize photos with one of several photo effects and filters
- Add feathered frames, borders or standard photo frames
- Don on a new look with hairstyles, tattoos, mustaches, goatees, and beards. Accessorize your face with masks, sunglasses, hats etc.
- Express your moods with emoticons.

- Text annotations for captions with a library of colorful text objects:
- Thought bubbles
- Speech bubbles,
- PostIt or just
- Plain text on transparent background.

- Shapes to decorate your photos
- Emoticons
- Balloons
- Confetti
- Custom text messages
- Flowers
- Mom and Dad graphics
- Kids and baby elements
- Tattoos
- Summer graphics
- Birthday graphics .. and many more

- Face Accessories
- Mustaches
- Hairstyles
- Beards and Goatees
- Masks
- Sunglasses and Frames
- Ear rings
- Wigs
- Many more to try how you app

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