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Description **Note: Some issues have been reported to us, and we're working to correct them now. For more information, please scroll down.**

ZipThat opens up a whole new world to you while using your iPad! Before ZipThat, there was no way to open up zip files on your iPad. This limitation has been shattered with this new utility app for the iPad. No longer do you have to wait until you're at a desktop computer to view contents of zip files, or suffer through long downloads because you can't receive and open zipped files on your iPad.

ZipThat works invisibly in the background... When you receive a zipped file via email or even IM, tapping and holding on it will cause the helpful "Open in ZipThat" menu to appear. Simply tap on it and the file will be unzipped and placed in a list of unzipped files for you to view. Tapping on a file will cause that file to be opened on your iPad. Whether it's a supported graphic file like JPG or GIF, an HTML file or a PDF, ZipThat allows you to view them all right from your iPad!

ZipThat even supports password-protected zip files!

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*** Issues reported to us ***

1. It may be necessary to run zipThat at least once before the other applications recognize it as an installed zip file helper app. Users have also reported that it may help to quit Safari or Mail before they can recognize zipThat. Another user recommended turning the device on and off to achieve the same result.

2. Users are saying that zip files with the original file extension preserved may not be recognized. (For example, "" instead of "".) We are investigating this for you now.

3. Zip files that are too large for the iPad to download may not work. We are investigating this for you now.

Please feel free to report additional issues to us at