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Description ★★★★ ADVANCED TIME MANAGEMENT ★★★★ Clock Pro HD combines all clock and timer functions you can image in one application. For several months now Clock Pro HD has proven to be the number one clock application for the iPad! ✔ ALARM CLOCK: The best digital alarm clock in 18 (!) beautiful designs for as well landscape as portrait mode! The look and feel of the clock is fully adjustable. Choose your own foreground clock style and background. Adjust the brightness as you want it. Optionally display seconds or even fractional seconds! ✔ IPOD MUSIC ALARMS: Wake up with your favorite iPod Music or selected alarm. You can let the alarm sound or music fade in gently and set the fade duration. The alarm will show a huge snooze button on screen. You can also adjust the snooze length. ✔ ANALOG CLOCK: Simple, clean and effective clock with optional sound effects and old-style clock alarms. The brightness is adjustable. ✔ FULL SCREEN SUPPORT: Both the digital alarm clock and the analog clock can be displayed in full screen mode. ✔ CHESS CLOCK: The best chess and game clock on the iPad. Just put your iPad on the table and both players have an individual playing time clock. ✔ WORLD CLOCK: Find and display global time zones and cities. ✔ STOP WATCH: Easy-to-use Stop Watch with lap control. Export your data to any email address you want. ✔ NATURE TIMES: GPS positioning for your local sunrise, sunset, midday, high tide and low tide. Available for any given date. ✔ SLEEP TIMER: Plays music for a selected time. Fall asleep with your favorite iPod music. The sleep timer will fade out the music gently so you won't wake up because of sudden sound level changes. ✔ EGG TIMER: A complete timer with alarms for all occasions. Count-down multiple timers at the same time. ✔ METRONOME: This metronome helps you keeping track of the rhythm at any speed. From largo to prestissimo. ✔ COUNT DOWN CLOCK: Count down towards your special day or tells you how long ago that moment was. ✔ PROJECT CLOCK: Create projects and manage them easily. Record and save projects. The timer will always continue, when you are not running the application or even when your iPad is turned off. NOTE: Alarms will only fire when the application is open - Local notifications will work as soon as Apple releases iOS 4 for iPad. Auto screen lock can be disabled and all timer functions will work when other Clock Pro HD applications are being used. We are open for all your suggestions! Enjoy... The time is right!