Current Version Version: 0.9.3
Author Ravneet Singh
Price $5.00
Description Lojack for your iPhone! (On iPhone 4 and 3GS only) This application can be used to locate a miss placed iPhone or keep tabs on a loved one. Features: * NO MONTHLY OR YEARLY FEES! * Ability to sound an alarm on your device from any computer. * Ability to send a message with sound to the device. * Ability to record location every 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours or every cell phone tower switch. * Ability to send location even when the application is not running or in the background! * Ability to forward your location information to Google Latitude or your own service. * Ability to lock the application from a web site. * Ability to keep track of and graph your phone's battery life. Unlike other applications, this application has been well thought out to provide you EXACTLY what you need to help you locate your device. Whether it is lost near by or stolen you have all the tools available. This application was developed with user feedback in mind. If someone has not asked for what you want we will do our best to meet your needs! The application reports your device's location to a central server that you can log in to from your browser to track your device's location. This is done without decreasing your device's battery life or performance. Once the application has been configured it will report your device's location every time your iPhone connects to a new cell tower. The application continues to report even after it has been closed and removed from the multitasking bar. *NOTE* This application will report in the background ONLY on devices that support multitasking! The application provides two forms of reporting: normal and emergency. When emergency mode is enabled your device will report back every minute its exact location. This will also reduce your battery life. FOR WEB DEVELOPERS: The service lets you specify custom URLs which get polled every time your device checks in with the service. You can use this feature to post your location in a blog or just to keep a long running record of your travels on your own web server. *NOTE* This service is provided AS IS. No guarantees are made that this service will help you locate your device. *NOTE* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Continued use is only done when "Emergency Mode" is enabled. Your feedback is welcome.

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