Current Version Version: 2.1
Author Hands Free Software
Price $10.00
Description LAUNCH SALE!! 50% Off!! "it's worth every penny you pay for it, and more." - Steve Sande, TUAW Text'nDrive will "appeal to business types who frequently find themselves whizzing down life's freeways with an urgent email to send or receive." - Kit Eaton, Fast Company "Want To Listen To Your Emails While Driving And Reply With Your Voice? There’s An App For That!" Eliminate the temptation to email while driving by listening to your email messages in real time and replying with your voice. No hands or typing required - just SPEAK! SMS is under development... STAY TUNED! Other feature requests are very welcome. If you are having trouble with a particular email account type, please check the website or email Text’n Drive Pro allows you to be a responsible driver and stay connected by reading your email messages to you as they are received. To respond simply dictate your reply. It’s completely hands-free and that easy to use! Keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road with this innovative technology. Compatible with all mobile carriers, Text’n Drive also works with any hands-free devices such as speakerphones, Bluetooth headsets or built-in car systems. FEATURES: - Reads emails out loud and enables you to speak your reply - No typing required – just TALK! - Compatible with most email providers - Easy to use software – start the app and you’re ready to go - Text-to-speech technology - Has NO impact on the speed of your phone – does not slow it down at all! BENEFITS: - Maintain road safety while staying productive - Be compliant with local legislation on mobile use while driving - Lessen accidents caused by texting or emailing while operating a motor vehicle - Save on insurance premiums by helping maintain an accident free record - Diminish the risk of injury or death caused by distracted driving *Please Note* At this time Text'nDrive does not support Exchange emails. Text'nDrive supports all Yahoo accounts with POP access including ymail and Yahoo Plus, and most regular Yahoo email accounts. Some older Yahoo email accounts do not have the option to enable a POP account. ________________________________________ The Text'nDrive team is dedicated to responsive development and support. If you have questions or criticism please send us a note at We may be able to fix your issues in less time than it would take to write a negative review. We are very attentive to your feedback/suggestions/comments. Your input will allow us to further enhance and develop new features for the Text'nDrive App.

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