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"iBank is an excellent personal finance application that should easily replace any you’re currently using." — ★★★★

"iBank is loaded with tools to help you track transactions, analyze your spending history, create budgets, and generally keep a sharp eye on your finances." —

"One of the most powerful features of iBank 4 is the amazing reporting system. It really is stunning." — Total Apps

"iBank is hard to beat." — Mac.AppStorm

"iBank 4 offers a robust, full-featured personal finance program." — The Apple Blog


•A new standard for Mac money management•

With its intuitive user interface and a full set of money management features, iBank 4 is the most complete software available for Mac personal finance. iBank 4, now fully ready for Lion, lets you enter and edit your transactions with ease, download your online account data, reconcile your statements, and track your investments with versatile and robust tools.

In iBank, it's simple to split, schedule or categorize transactions. With a couple of clicks, you'll be able to create powerful, dynamic reports using iBank's flexible templates (Income & Expense, Net Worth, Forecast and more). And iBank's envelope budgeting feature helps tailor your spending while building savings.

•Simply manageable•

If you're new to finance management, iBank lets you set up your accounts for checking, savings, credit cards, investments or loans in minutes. Or use iBank's set-up assistant to import your accounts and investments from Quicken for Mac or PC, MS Money, or similar applications.

•Put your data to work•

iBank lets you update accounts effortlessly, using your bank's direct connectivity for automated downloads. When that's not an option, you can simply import your data via web downloads using iBank's built-in browser. You'll do less work as you go, since iBank learns from changes and edits to your data, applying that information to future transactions. Using categorized data, you can devise specific budgets, export to tax software, or generate, print and save detailed reports. You're now on your way to managing expenses, analyzing investments and planning your financial future.

•Watch your investments•

Powerful investment tracking is one of iBank's leading advantages. If your holdings include stocks, bonds or mutual funds, retirement accounts such as IRAs or 401Ks, or even assets like precious metals — iBank lets you track buys, sells, splits, dividends, ROI and more. Create an Investment Summary Report for detailed analysis of your portfolio's performance, or review the Portfolio Summary Report to see your securities at a glance.

•Go mobile•

With iBank Mobile (sold separately at the App Store), you can use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to enter transactions on the go, monitor your account balances and sync wirelessly to iBank on your desktop — locally via Wi-Fi, or remotely via MobileMe. And you can sync multiple mobile devices to separate, private documents in iBank for Mac — so it works for families or business partners too.

•Make taxes less taxing•

Use iBank's multi-split capabilities to track paycheck deductions. Categorize tax-related and tax-deductible expenses, applying built-in U.S. tax codes (or create custom codes as needed). Create a Tax Report to analyze income, expenses and capital gains, or review Category Detail and Payee Summary Reports for additional deductions. Finally, transmit your reports as PDF documents, send files to an accountant in QIF format, or export TXF data for use with TurboTax.

•Even more features•

Protect personal iBank documents with passwords

Print standard, voucher and wallet checks

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  • Easily imports Quicken data
  • Innovative Web download feature
  • Envelope-based budgeting
  • Optional iOS apps available


  • Some data entry options not as easy as they should be
  • Minimal portfolio tracking
  • No error messages when some data imports fail
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