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Description ★★★ BUY NOW! AG WINE IS ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Download today to help us celebrate our feature on NBC! ★★★ AG Wine is a different breed of wine app, aimed at a new generation of wine drinkers. There are no 100-point scale wine reviews, no producer profiles, not even a price finder. Instead, the AG Wine app liberates you from the flood of wine details, giving you only what matters most -- the details on regions, appellations, grape varieties, and vintages -- to choose wines smartly every time. We have taken our best-selling AG Wine app and optimized it for the iPad. This version sports an entirely reworked interface with even more intuitive, split-screen navigation, full-screen images, and rotating horizontal-vertical views. Dare we say it? This new interface makes it even better than the iPhone version. Currently, AG Wine for iPad focuses on wines from Italy, Spain, Chile, and Argentina. Because our content takes a while to develop, we don't have every country profiled yet. But we'll get there and you will get all future country releases as FREE updates. This is one app that keeps on giving. Up next? The South of France (September release), California (October release), and Australia. More countries to follow! ----------------------------------------------------------- A NEW APPROACH TO PICKING WINES ----------------------------------------------------------- Our easy-to-use guide helps you make a well-informed, educated decision and pick a great bottle of wine every time. ★ Confidently choose wine, whether shopping or dining. ★ No internet connection ever required! ★ Impress your guests and expand your wine knowledge with AG Wine's informative summaries. ★ The choice is yours. Choose wine in the way that works for you: by style, grape variety / appellation, region, or food pairing. ★ Great values: AG Wine's recommendations focus on attractively-priced, high-quality wines. ★ Focus on the fundamentals when selecting wines: regions, appellations, grapes, and vintages. Currently, AG Wine focuses on wines from Italy, Spain, Chile, and Argentina. Soon-to-be-released future updates will profile the South of France (September release), California (October release), and Australia. All of these country updates are free to existing customers. ---------------- REVIEWS ---------------- "This app provides the perfect way to discover the quality and diversity of Chilean wines. Intuitive and easy to navigate, we hope it allows people to experience why Chile has been called a viticultural paradise." -Lori Tieszen, Executive Director, Wines of Chile USA 5/5 "If trying to find a new wine is intimidating to you, this easy to use iPhone app will set you at ease with it’s refined, concise interface and graphics. [AG Wine] focuses on fundamental criteria to find you a great glass of wine, whatever your taste may be..." Rating: 5/5, “Check out this new app for choosing wines that you might not be so familiar with. You can navigate through any restaurant wine list or retail shop like a professional.” -Brendan Donovan, Bar Veloce & Veloce Pizzeria, NYC ---------------------------------------- WHY WE'RE DIFFERENT ---------------------------------------- Have you ever looked at a wine list and not known where to begin? Approach Guides Wine solves this problem by giving you a strategy to take on any wine list -- offering recommendations on which regions, appellations, grapes, and vintages to look out for and which to avoid. With this critical information, no matter your level of wine knowledge, you can make an informed wine choice that is sure to meet your expectations. TRANSFORM YOUR WINE EXPERIENCE. PURCHASE AG WINE TODAY.