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Price $10.00
Description iExpression is dedicated to users (owners, designers, and creators) of ExpressionEngine web-sites. For owners and users they can post new entries (including images from the camera or library) as well edit existing entries. With the included free ExpressionEngine module for both 1.X and 2.X all field types are supported. iExpression fully respects the user's permissions (any number of users can be configured for a site). Designers & creators (or just people with multiple sites) can manage any number of of sites, switching between them in a couple of taps. Finally you can't answer the question "Is there an app I can use to post" with a resounding yes! You can also configure iExpression to automatically tweet a shortened URL to your new article. If you take advantage of this capability, you will also be able to track the people who follow the tweet to your site, including if it's reposted onto other sites or re-tweeted. iExpression supports both version 1.0 and the recently released version 2.0 of Expression Engine. iExpression has been tested on iOS 4.0 and has been updated to support the Retina display resolution of the iPhone 4.