At A Glance

The PixelSkin HD provides decent (non-screen) protection without adding much bulk to your iPhone.

Manufacturer’s Description

Patterns and textures can turn “plain” into absolutely fabulous. PixelSkin HD has a shiny polished back with matte pixel overlay, creating an eye catching, sophisticated, and modern artful look. Light dances off the crisp, linear pattern of mathematical protection and perfection. Slim High-Definition Protective Case Flexible high-contrast skin case Smooth HD Pixel texture Perfectly contoured skinny fit What is the PixelSkin HD made of? PixelSkin HD cases are made of TPU - Thermoplastic Polyurethane. TPU is one of the world’s most awesome polymers (plastics) because it can be mixed to very specific consistencies, which allows us to get the perfect blend of elements to create the perfect texture and material. PixleSkin HD is not as soft and squishy as silicone ( our “regular” PixelSkin) - it’s still a soft, flexible plastic, but it’s much slicker and more dense- allowing it to slide in and out of your pocket easily. The density allows us to make a skinny, form-fitting case that still packs a very protective punch. Is the screen protected? The raised, rubberized bezel helps protect your screen from coming in contact with other surfaces that might scratch it. If you’d like a screen film that protects your entire screen, our totally awesome ShieldView screen films for iPhone 4 will be available shortly.

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