Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Scott Gruber
Price $3.00
Description ######. A Lite version is awaiting approval This app is set apart from all the rest. It allows for creativity, from little kids to adults, like no other. The creativity starts from deciding which shapes and colors are needed to make your masterpiece. It offers a wide range of colors and geometric shapes to make just about anything you can imagine. From abstract to cars or robots. Best of all is you have complete control over the shape. Below are all the things you can do with each geometric shape, individually : -Rotate -Change the size -Fill the shape with a wide selection of colors or no color -Change the Border color -Adjust the Fill color's translucency -Adjust the Border color's translucency -Make shapes to be on top of other shapes or underneath them -Combine the shapes to make a composite shape -Change the Background Color -Adjust the Background Color to a lighter shade -Take a snapshot of your work (it is saved within the iPad Photos app) -Delete the last shape selected -Delete all shapes This app was developed after I saw my kids playing with geometrics for hours. This app is so much fun that my kids beg me to stop developing it so they can play with it. My nephew, who is 6 yrs. old, couldn't get enough of it as he was waiting to play with it while I was in the middle of programming it. I invited a friend over who would like to start iPhone development who is in his 20's and he said, "I know that I'm not targeted with this app but it is really fun. I'm really enjoying it." Take a look at the screenshots I took below and see for yourself the many things you can do with this app. The website has more info on how to manipulate the shapes ============= So now, the only thing left is : get creative and play !!!

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