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Price $3.00
Description Chopper 2 is the sequel to the best selling App Store side scroller, Chopper. Launch SALE! Chopper 2 is on sale at 40% off for a limited time! Chopper 2 features 36 action packed missions over 12 unique and beautiful locations. It features a completely re-written 3D game engine, all new enemies, weapons, graphics, and missions, while still retaining the classic side scrolling game-play. Escort a convoy of vehicles across the desert, or defend a train from enemies emerging from underground mines. Use your laser sight to line up enemies emerging from stairwells in the city. Chase down lines of enemy tanks and choppers while avoiding heat seeking missiles, gunfire and bird strike. Help your allies defend against advancing armies, and rescue stranded civilians, all while trying to complete your mission as fast as possible for the highest score. Chopper 2 features OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements. It is universal for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch, with HD graphics on both the iPad and iPhone 4. It uses the gyroscope where it can for increased control, OpenAL for spatial sound effects and even features an amazing 17 minute long original soundtrack. If you have both an iPad and an iPhone, you can use the fantastic remote control feature to wirelessly control the iPad with an iPhone over bluetooth. Then plug the iPad into a TV or display through the component cable or VGA adapter and play Chopper 2 on your TV from your couch! Note: TV output is only supported from an iPad, and only when using the bluetooth remote control feature. The bluetooth remote control feature is only supported on devices with bluetooth. This includes all devices except the first generation iPhone and first generation iPod Touch. "Chopper 2's iPhone-as-controller is one of the first of its kind. How's it look? Um... awesome." - "Chopper 2 is a quality production that I can recommend to any gamer with an iPhone platform device. It's miles beyond the original and stands as a perfect example of all that iPhone gaming can be." - "the 3D world looks terrific, the music is excellent, and the titles on screen are in a kind of 3D as well, so that they seem to actually float in the game's real-world space. All in all, it's a very cool game and some excellent work by Frampton's Majic Jungle Software." -