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Description Fitaide Pro’s 3D Motion Sensor technology and innovative features can help you find the motivation, training and support required to achieve a lasting improvement in your fitness. Anyone can create a personalized cardio or interval training plan with this app. Uniquely, it tracks as you move and cues you to change pace so you can get to goal. Fitaide Pro works for users at any level of fitness and is particularly suited for those who struggle to start or stick to a fitness program. MAXIMIZE YOUR CALORIE BURN > Assess your fitness > Create your own cardio or interval training plan, OR > Generate a personalized plan for the following goals: a. Couch to 5K b. Couch to 10K c. Weight Loss > Fully customize the training plan > Conveniently schedule your sessions > The 3D motion sensor tracks and cues you to change pace as you move > Listen to your music from within the app TRAIN WITH YOUR FRIENDS > Invite your friends, set a common goal or challenge > Follow progress on your leader board > Share on FB or Twitter GET FIT FOR A CAUSE > Pick an event to train for or a charity to promote > Post a link to your activity to inform your supporters An intuitive user interface, rich graphical display and scientifically validated sensor technology that tracks calories, steps, distance, speed or pace – both indoors and outdoors - makes this a must-have fitness application. Download Fitaide Pro, Change The Way You See Fitness! ------------------------------------------------- REVIEWS “Fitaide Pro aims to get you into shape by harnessing one of the greatest motivational sources—your peers” – David Dahlquist, Macworld “The use of the accelerometer to sense movement ... is a vital innovation and a good use of the technology of the iPhone” – Enid Burns, Kinetic Shift ------------------------------------------------- REQUIREMENTS FOR USE • iPhone or iPod Touch 3.0 or more • Compatible with iOS 4.0 • Accurate for activities where you are on your feet, except for resistance based exercise (such as weight lifting) • Works well with the device in your pocket, bag or strapped to your body – indoors and outdoors. • For maximum accuracy, strap to your arm, torso or waist • Do not press the screen lock button on your device during a session, as the accelerometer does not run in the background (even with iOS 4.0) We welcome your suggestions and feedback, kindly write to: