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Description Sing and create YOUR OWN songs in an easier way than ever! ● SING AND CREATE YOUR OWN SONG. Simply sing into the microphones whatever you'd like to sing. SongMaker comes with the powerful pitch-correction functionality along with more features such as generating chorus on your recorded voice and etc. You can also turn off the pitch-correction. ● REMIX BACKING TRACKS Yet another advanced feature to make your song unique. You can easily remix your background track with a variety of pre-recorded loops. In each Pack, you have lots of loops of 8 different instruments you can put into the track. ● VARIETY OF GENRES AND STYLES Packs, the sets of building blocks of the background tracks, in a variety of genres are available (free or paid) for downloads, which are also ever-growing. ● SHARE Upload and your creation on Twitter, Facebook, email or etc. Or, you may attach mp3 or mp4 directly to email. - For iPod Touch (earlier than 4th gen) users, external mic is required. - Use headphones while recording, otherwise, noise will be generated and also pitch-correcting will work poorly. - Record in a quiet place for the best recording. ------------------------------------ Contact with email : Follow us on Twitter: @tunearound ------------------------------------