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Price $3.00
Description 360 Panorama -- Realtime panorama creation. Capturing panoramas has never been easier! Just tap the screen and pan your phone camera in any direction. You'll see your panorama being built in realtime as our computer vision-based system analyzes every incoming image. When you're done, you can save your panorama instantly to the Camera Roll, no need to wait for it to stitch. There is nothing else like it! Features: ✓ Realtime panorama creation ✓ Create full 360 degree panoramas in under 20 seconds ✓ Instantly save to the Camera Roll - no waiting for image stitching ✓ Fully supports the new iPhone 4 Retina display and gyros ✓ Uses brand new iOS 4 Camera APIs Requires iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 due to high-speed video processing.