Current Version Version: 2.5.2
Author ThinkTek Co. Ltd
Price $3.00
Description BloggerPlus is a mobile blogging App for iOS (iPod touch, iPhone, iPad). You can write blog at anywhere with ease. FEATURES 1. MULTIPLE BLOG MANAGEMENT - You can manage more than one blogs - We tested many blogs such as ... -- -- (including self-hosted wordpress blog) -- Drupal -- Tumblr -- -- -- Naver blog -- Generic BlogAPI 2. EASY TO CREATE BLOG ENTRY - You can post multiple photos in one blog document. - You can easily drag text paragraph, photos to change the layout of blog document. 3. SAVING DRAFT AND CONTINUE EDIT - Any draft will be saved in draft list so that you can edit later. 4. UPDATE BLOG ALREADY POSTED - You can continue to edit and update a draft even it is already posted. * BloggerPlus can't edit blog entry uploaded from other blogging tool currently. (but, we are developing this. coming soon!) 5. IMPORT BLOG ENTRY FROM SERVER - you can import blog entry even it is not posted using BloggerPlus! 6. CATEGORY / LABEL SUPPORT - you can add category label (tag) to blog entry 7. OPTION FOR ONLINE DRAFT OR PUBLISH - You can submit blog entry with 'draft' or 'publish' status. - This option is also available to submitted blog entry. This enables you to change status of blog entry remotely. 8. ENHANCED PHOTO TOOL - photo resizing, rotating - beautiful photo frame with caption. 9. MAP TOOL - You can add location info using map tool - Map tool will add location tag automatically. 10. SHARE WITH E-MAIL, FACEBOOK AND TWITTER - You can send any blog entry using e-mail. - You can share posted blog entry on Twitter and Facebook. 11. RSS READER - You can verify your posts in realtime using simple RSS reader function. 12. TEXT TOOL (RICH EDITOR) - You can add hyperlink with ease. - You can change font, size, color. 13. LANDSCAPE MODE EDITING 14. DUPLICATING BLOG ENTRY - You can create new blog entry from the blog entry already posted. * If you have any trouble, please contact our support page => Thanks.

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