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Price Free
Description Toshl is extremely easy to use, stable, design polished, fast and reliable personal financing receipts tracker, with backup cloud support, web based export to CSV, Excel, Google docs and PDF format, with monthly email notifications. Your finances are secured and beautifully organized in a functional way, without crazy input actions needed from the user. Use Toshl, track your money spending and save on the bills in the long run. Compare it with complicated apps like Mint, Expensify, iXpenselt, Easy Books, Iron Money, BillTracker and enjoy the ease of use and solid feel of security. Features: - easy expense inputs - multiple tags - support for all currencies - timeline spending view - cloud sync and backup, only internet connection needed - secured backup - multiple persons can use the same account (for family, small business usage) - automatic or manual sync - web based fancy, candy like graphs Visit for more info