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Description Dear Puff Puff fans - the image of the start screen below is outdated, we'll correct in our next version update (if iTunes lets us!). For gameplay check out our trailer Description Use the awesome superpower of diodon holocanthus, the spiny puffer, to navigate a deadly coral reef and escape the jaws of tiger sharks. Requires skill and precision to master the art of buoyancy control and stay alive! This game allows you to use your iPhone’s multi-touch feature in a new and exciting way! With stunning 2D and 3D art based on real-life, you’ll get the chance to explore underwater worlds without getting wet!! The retro music and sound effects promises to lift your mood instantly!!! Features * Unique pinch and stretch multi-touch control * Challenging physics-based gameplay * Addictive sudden death game mode * Speed and invincibility power-ups * 3D animation, detailed underwater landscape * Synthy 8-bit sound effects and music * Sunken ships and pirate treasure * Arcade style online worldwide leaderboards via OpenFeint, the largest social gaming network on the iPhone! We welcome your feedback and ideas via our website below ☺ THE STORY BEHIND PUFF PUFF Puff Puff is the first project by 6th Mega, a new independent developer of goodware, committed to increasing awareness of the sixth mega extinction and helping save the humans. Read our manifesto and more on our website Follow us on Twitter @6thmega COMING SOON TO A CORAL REEF NEAR YOU We're working on new levels, power-ups, enemies, game controls and more! Stay tuned for exciting updates and YEARS AND YEARS OF STUNNING EXPLORATION, FUN, AND HAPPINESS!! GULF OIL SPILL In production right now is a whole new environment, "Gulf Spill", that will allow you to explore the underwater world of deep sea drilling and face new enemies: ROVs (remote operated vehicles - robo subs with weapons!) and creatures from the depths like Vampire Squid, Fangtooth, and Giant Squid! Check out our website for a sneak peak. Get the game today and you’ll automatically receive this update as soon as we’re done!