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Description TeuxDeux is a simple, designy, to-do app. If you like making to-do lists, you will love TeuxDeux. Use the free browser-based TeuxDeux ( at work/home and then take your to-do's on the road with the iPhone app. Here's what others have to say: "The Web's Most Beautiful To-Do List" -FastCompany "Beautifully Designed, Easy To Use" -Laughing Squid "Top 25 Most Useful Websites" Quick Feature List -Manage multiple accounts -Add / Edit / Reorder tasks -Cross Out / Delete tasks -Drag & Drop tasks into different days -Slide effortlessly between days -Keep tasks in the "Someday" section -Sync seamlessly with the TeuxDeux web app Design & concept by swissmiss & Fictive Kin. Development by Appetizer Mobile and House of Legend. Need to email us? -->