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Description Winner of the 2011 ‘Best Comic App’ Award from the Best App Ever Awards! BOLT CREATIVE'S best selling game, POCKET GOD, is now the FIRST iOS original creation to get its very own COMIC BOOK! Follow the adventures of Ooga, Nooby, Klik, and the rest of the Pocket God Pygmy tribe as they try to outsmart the angry gods! PLUS -- LEARN the secret of how the Pygmy's come back to LIFE! You'll never look at the world of POCKET GOD the same AGAIN! The first issue of this new comic book series is available for the first time on your iPhone and iPad! Each issue of the series will be available as In-App-Purchases inside this application! BUT WAIT -- Pocket God is also coming to a COMIC BOOK STORE near you!!! Inside Pocket God Comics you'll even find the COMIC SHOP LOCATOR service application which will allow you to locate your local comic book store with just the press of a button! Find out more about Pocket God at: Find out more about Ape Entertainment at: Find out more about iVerse Media at: