Current Version Version: 1.5
Author Paragoni, LLC
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Description THE ULTIMATE PUBLIC SPEAKING COMPANION Eliminate cue cards, flash cards, notes and scripts forever. ★★★ Currently 50% Off! for a limited time. ★★★ Prompster LE™ is the ultimate teleprompter for the iPad. It smoothly scrolls easily readable text for audible presentations. PERFECT FOR BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS & PUBLIC SPEAKING. It is the ideal app for practicing and delivering public speeches, lectures, podcasts, radio scripts, video scripts, and for any scenario that requires a speaker to communicate with an audience using notes or a script. NEED A DIGITAL RECORDER BUILT IN? NOW AVAILABLE IN THE PRO VERSION. (see my other apps - bottom left of screen) Prompster PRO™ offers the same features as LE but includes an audio recorder for recording practice sessions or live presentations allowing you to hear your speech the way others do to improve your speaking ability. FEATURES ★Scroll text at variable speeds ★Tap screen anywhere to PAUSE scrolling at any time while elapsed time continues ★Tap screen anywhere to RESTART scrolling ★Tap and scroll text to quickly get to any section of the document ★Tracks elapsed time ★Tap to increase or decrease the scrolling speed on the fly ★Tap to increase or decrease the font size on the fly ★ Video Recording and PIP (picture in picture) for iPad 2 Users ★Create or edit documents within Prompster LE™ ★Copy-n-Paste text from Email, or any other app that contains text ★Import .txt documents using iTunes file share ★Export .txt files via email or transfer to your Mac or PC via iTunes file share ACCOLADES's David Dahlquist says "…why should the big boys get all the fun? With Prompster you can turn your iPad into a teleprompter to practice or perform public speeches, lectures, or sermons." - Sept 14th, 2010 "Apps like this one really do make the iPad a good business productivity tool." - "When you first launch the app, the brilliance of the design will become apparent to you almost immediately as you will be confronted with a fantastic looking application." - ------ NOTE: WORKS WITH .TXT FILES ONLY. Please convert your .doc or .pages file to a .txt file before importing. ------ SUPPORT If you have less than an excellent experience using Prompster LE™, before you give it a bad rating please email us and we'll do our best to correct the issue in a timely manner. Please note: We respond to all email within 24hrs. If you didn't receive a response please check your bulk e-mail or spam folders. If you would like to suggest a feature we'd love to hear from you! Web: Contact: Thank you for considering Prompster LE™ Copyright © 2010 Danté Varnado Moore

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