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Description The iNSTA-PRO Tennis Swing Analyzer is the most advanced tennis analysis application available for the 3GS and 4 iPhone™, iPad™ 1 & 2. Featuring: • The only tennis analysis application with our Proprietary Frame Interpolation Technology (FIT), giving crystal clear and smooth playback - rivaling expensive “desk top” video teaching systems! • Use for analyzing all aspects of your game – serving, over-heads, forehands, backhands, foot position and much more. Watch how fast improvements happen with video analysis right from your iPhone™! • Timer for speed analysis – Tap on the timer, and the clock automatically calculates the time between two locations in your motion. • View and Compare multiple video clips side by side in our “DUAL ViEW” mode, with full video play and timer controls • Ability to overlay annotation tools directly onto the video clip. • Record up to 2 minutes of Audio Feedback on each video clip. • Share, store and sort your videos with drawing tools and audio commentary attached directly from your iPhone™! • Programmable Scrub bar location for real-time movement through the clips for forward and reverse – no blocking of the action because your hand is covering the screen. • Easily Upload video clips to online user accounts – for online review and keeping your local iPhone™ memory refreshed. • Website membership to THE iNSTA-PRO online community, The iNSTA-CLUB - with additional community forums, file storage, instructional information and much more. • Share your vidoes from the iNSTA-Club with any of the popular Social Media sites – such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace! THE iNSTA-PRO supports 3GS and 4 iPhones™, iPad™ 1 & 2