Current Version Version: 1.1
Author Conceited Software
Price $3.00
Description Linkinus for iPhone is the most powerful and flexible internet relay chat (IRC) software for iOS there is, yet it's easy to use and newcomers will instantly know how to use it thanks to its elegant design and over 330 built-in networks. - Backgrounding/multitasking support: stay connected for up to 10 minutes after exiting Linkinus or while switching apps (longer if you tap 'Open' when presented with the reminder dialog). - Network selector helps you pick servers from the most popular chat networks - Connect to an unlimited number of networks and channels - SSL support (valid and self-signed certificates) - Highlights: IRC can be overwhelming, but with Linkinus you'll never miss an important message. When someone mentions your nickname, that line will be highlighted so you don't miss it. - Identities: it's you, on IRC. Save your preferred and alternate nicknames in a reusable fashion. And if you provide password credentials, Linkinus will automatically authenticate to NickServ, NickOP, Q, X, G, SrvAuth and AuthServ. - Displays IRC colors - Autoconnect/autojoin features - All standard IRC commands supported from the input field, such as: /me, /all, /away, /ban, /bankick, /clear, /nick, /join, /query, /notice, /quit, /part, /topic, /server, …) - Channel op commands (/op, /deop, /voice, /devoice, /halfop, /dehalfop, …) - OPER commands (/oper, /kill, /gline, …) - Exploding emoticons (tap to cause them to explode)

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