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Description Chosen by Wired and Macworld as one of the best apps of the last year, Eucalyptus puts over 20,000 free classic English-language books in the palm of your hand. It's beautiful, readable, and less than the price of a paperback. Watch the amazing videos at • Books feel like books, not web pages. Turning pages is so natural, you won’t even notice it. • High-quality fonts and typesetting routines like those used by paper book publishers mean you can get lost in the story, not frustrated by the text. • An ever-changing bookshelf of hand-picked recommendations. • If you’ve already got a book or author in mind, it’s easy to search for exactly what you want. • Eucalyptus organizes Books and Authors just like your iPod organizes Songs and Artists. • Resize the text at any time with just a pinch your fingers. Eucalyptus web site, with videos: Read the press and web reviews: Keep up to date (and find out how to submit your Reader Picks): Answers to frequently asked questions: Follow @eucalyptusapp on Twitter: Chinese customers: It appears that, the service that Eucalyptus downloads book texts from, may be unavailable in China. Please consider if this will affect you before purchasing.

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