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Description Imagine holding your comic library in your hands; with Comic Zeal, you don't have to imagine. MINI VERSION: This version is for iPhone and iPod Touch only. The regular version works on the iPad too. Your iPhone (this mini version won't run on the iPad) is the perfect device for reading comics, but reading comics and manga isn't like reading books. You need a specialist app that can: - Organize your comics by series, don't look through hundreds to find the one you want. - Show you large covers, they'll tell you more than a title. - Make it easy to move between issues when reading, you'll go through a few in a sitting. - Reliably zoom in on content, not show you the same borders page after page. - Be smart about what to show you when you rotate the device, many comics have a mixture of portrait and landscape pages. - Load big images fast, you don't want to spend five seconds waiting for a page to load. - Load your comics using USB, wifi or even from other applications that support file associations. That app is Comic Zeal. It does everything on the list and much more. It was the first comic reader on the app store more than two years ago. We've been listening to your feedback and improving on it ever since. If you're still not convinced read the review and have a look at our star rating. Then buy the app and read the usage tips below whilst it's downloading. Tips: - When zooming, hold the gesture for half a second. Comic Zeal will lock that zoom and position when you turn the page, it's a great way to hide borders. Try zooming using your thumbs while holding the iPad in both hands. - Have a look through the in-app settings. There you can change he background (try the magic one), adjust brightness, turn on manga mode and other useful things. - You can turn pages by swiping or tapping the sides of the screen. The tap area is thin so that you can easily reach past it with your thumb for scrolling. - You can group comics by pressing 'Edit', select more than one comic, press 'Move', then select the 'New Series ...' option. - You can import cbz/cbr/pdf/rar and zip comics directly into Comic Zeal. If you want to import a folder full of images just zip them up. NOTE: - This mini version won't run on the iPad, the other version of Comic Zeal will run on all iOS devices. - USB file transfers, page locking and assisted panning are only available on iOS4. Loading comics using USB ---------------------- 1. Connect the iPhone to your computer. 2. iTunes should open automatically, but if it doesn't open iTunes. 3. In the left column, click on Devices > (your iPhone) 4. Click on the "Apps" tab. 5. Scroll down from the "Sync Apps" section to the "File Sharing" section. 6. Click on "Comic Zeal". 7. Drop your comic files into the "Comic Zeal 4 Documents" section. 8. Open Comic Zeal on your iPhone and it will complete the import! Comics take around 7 seconds each to import. Please keep in mind that whatever comics you add, iTunes will want to back up. So don't add tens or gigabytes at once or your next sync will take a while! Comics used in the screenshots: 'Escape from Planet Nowhere', © 2010 Otis Frampton, 'The Paladin', © Jim Shelley, Read what the press has to say about Comic Zeal: "ComicZeal is good at what it does. Comic book fans interested in taking their favorite books with them will enjoy ComicZeal." - Awarded 4 mice, "Fans of comics’ “Golden Age” now have a great way to feed that jones on the iPhone and iPod Touch with Comic Zeal from Bitolithic." - Lonnie Lazar,