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Description "RSSRadio mobile is a very solid offering in the podcast app space. The app is very stable and offers some nice features" - (Search for RSSRadio Lite to start using RSSRadio for FREE!) RSSRadio mobile is the best version of the popular RSSRadio Podcast client software yet - now you can take it with you wherever you go. Download Podcasts to your device directly and stay up to date without ever having to sync to your computer. - Download any size show over WiFi or 3G - Play audio in the background - Play audio at x2 speed (variable) - Finish downloads in the background - Search for shows by keyword, view the top podcasts or enter a URL manually - Organise your listening by categories - TV Out support, watch video podcasts on your TV - Supports password protected podcasts - Shows automatically added to the Podcast directory for others to find (opt out by setting) - Works with the built in iOS sleep timer - Receive push notifications of new episodes even when RSSRadio is not running. If you have bug reports or suggestions, these are very welcome at