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Description The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen

100% Green! This New York Times Bestseller is derived from our desire to be environmentally friendly while remaining selfish consumers. With over 600 pages, THE GREEN BOOK is the perfect reference for those who are looking to make small subtle changes to their daily routines which add up to significant and positive environmental effects. Each section (home, entertainment, travel, technology, etc.) is full of green living tips and each section is accessible through the table of contents for fast, easy, on-the-go reference.

With wit and authority, authors Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen provide hundreds of solutions for all areas of your life, pinpointing the smallest changes that have the biggest impact on the health of our precious planet.

THE GREEN BOOK also includes green-living anecdotes from William McDonough, Cameron Diaz, Ellen DeGeneres, Robert Redford, Will Ferrell, Jennifer Aniston, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Martha Stewart, Tyra Banks, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Tiki Barber, Owen Wilson, and Justin Timberlake.

“It’s exciting to have a book like this where you can flip through and go see what you can do instead of what you should have done…”
-Cameron Diaz

"An outstanding resource, The Green Book offers hope and practical suggestions."