Current Version Version: 1.0.1
Author Tower Studios
Price Free
Description “Feeling my pulse I am surprised to find I am not yet dead... it is far, far worse than that… clinging to my life by a thread... here in the depths of Hell.” Surrounded by evil fiends and armed to the teeth with grenade launchers, chainsaws and lightning guns you must blast, hack and blaze your way through the demon horde and complete your escape back to the overworld. A modern classic arcade blast‘em up: - 6 Game Modes including Campaign, Survival and Multiplayer games plus a never-ending Eternal Life mode. - 30+ levels, - 5 weapons, - 14 different demons, - 13 achievements, - 666 reasons to download. Shoot to Kill is the first game to feature the ‘Free for Freaks’ payment system. Free For Freaks ‘You only pay if you need to… and freaks always play for free.’ Free Download…. but if you miss this game there will be all Hell to pay. Links: Official Facebook page: Game Trailer: Publisher page: Developer page:

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