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Description The incredibly popular online animated series by James Farr makes its jump into graphic novels and now the iPhone! Dirge is an undead man with a mind of his own, who struggles to find the meaning of unlife - all the while fighting to protect human lives from evil zombies! Don't miss this epic quest to save humanity.

Xombie takes place within Destiny City, a fictional metropolis not far from the Eastern shore of the United States.

Nekrosis (the initial cause of re-animation) was unleashed upon the entire population all at once. The living and dead were simultaneously infected. The dead returned to "life," while the living simply accepted their eventual zombification. Once they die, the virus takes hold - activating within 2 to 3 minutes after death. Therefore, everyone is destined to become a zombie, whether they've been bitten or not.

A good, healthy zombie bite, of course, will dramatically speed up the process.

• Intuitive Design & Controls
• Screens and panels tailored for the iPhone
• Easy-to-Use “Tap” and “Swipe” Navigation

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Writer: James Farr
Artist: Nate Lovett
Characters: Dirge, Zoe

Tags: comic book comics zombie zombies horror plague action adventure future monster monsters

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