Current Version Version: 1.1
Author Julio Barros
Price Free
Description iCardSort is an excellent brainstorming tool that helps you to visually organize ideas quickly and easily.  Whether working on a business project or trying to decide on this year's vacation destination, you simply place each of your options on a card.  iCardSort allows you to group, order, and explore your possibilities.  Then, when you are ready, share it with everyone involved. iCardSort comes with a few sample Decks to get you started and allows you to create and manage one of your own as well.  An In App Purchase (IAP) is available to let you manage and create as many Decks as you like. “iCardSort has been a great way for me to weigh out the pros and cons of my school choices. It takes traditional brainstorming techniques into the 21st century and allows me to use technology to simplify and organize my life!" 

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