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Author Lee Sinins
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Description The Complete Baseball Encyclopedia has had many very satisfied customers over the years and has consistently been cited in places like and other sources and by writers like Jayson Stark, Peter Gammons and Bill James. "Lee Sinins' Complete Baseball Encyclopedia is best reason yet developed to own a computer. I think I must own a copy of every baseball encyclopedia there is or ever was, and occasionally I find that I still need to pull out one of the others, but not very often; the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia covers 97% of my needs. Whether I'm working or playing, calculating or daydreaming, the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia pops up to help out. I turn it on in the morning; I turn it off when the house is on fire. Otherwise, I'm using it."--Bill James The Complete Baseball Encyclopedia is now available for your iPad. The encyclopedia has extensive features to display baseball statistics. You have the ability to create literally countless leader lists, using whatever criteria you choose. Not only can you create leader lists in whatever categories you want, you can also create leader lists that compare players to their league averages. The Complete Baseball Encyclopedia gives you the ability to generate a homerun leader list that can compare Barry Bonds to his league averages, Hank Aaron to his, Willie Mays to his, Babe Ruth to his, ... and determine who really were the greatest players. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. The Complete Baseball Encyclopedia can be updated during the season, so you will always have up to date 2010 statistics.

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