Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Steketee Greiner and Company
Price $2.00
Description Beach Bum’s innovative design and functionality allows beachgoers and water sport enthusiasts around coastal and Great Lakes beaches to receive real-time updates on air and water temperature, wave height, UV index, weather conditions and much more! Activate the GPS setting to find local beaches or search for your favorites to access beach conditions anytime, anywhere, allowing you to not only get the most out of your beach outing, but to know in advance when to skip that boring work meeting when the beach is calling! Leveraging an intelligent instant notification system, you can customize alerts and updates that are tailored to your specific interests, such as a sunny forecast, strong winds and warnings, or ideal water conditions to catch the perfect waves. If you are looking for certain beach and conditions that are ideal for specific activities, ranging from swimming, boating, surfing, kite boarding and everything in between, this app is for you! Beach Bum Central Elements and Enhanced Functionality: -Custom user profiles – Save your settings and favorite beaches for easy access -Live radar and warnings -Instant, customizable notification system -Accurate, real-time information using the most reliable data sources available -User-friendly and powerful interface that analyzes air temperature, UV index, water temperature, wave height, wind speed and direction

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