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Description Eat vegetarian confident that your diet is balanced. It’s easy with the iCooking Vegetarian application. Included in the recipes without fish or meat are both home style cooking and international cuisine. Never forget an ingredient while you’re at the store again! With this app you will know everything you need to complete these wonderful dishes with the easy to read list of ingredients and instructions. Get your iCooking app today! You’ll thank yourself for it. Other iCooking Cookbooks are available to complete your collection of iCooking applications: American Celebrations, American Cookout, American Traditions, Appetizers, BBQ, Bread, Chinese Cuisine, Desserts, French Cuisine, Greek Cuisine, Indian Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, Japanese Cuisine, Little chefs, Mexican Cuisine, Moroccan Cuisine, Pies and Quiches, Salads, Slow Cooker, Soups, Spanish Cuisine, Vegetarian Cuisine. iCooking - Recipes at your fingertip. Bon Appétit !