Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Bohemian Coding
Price $3.00
Description Review is the quickest way for iOS interface designers to judge their mockups on an actual device. The process is simple; Review your mockups by simply dragging them to the menubar icon on your Mac and they will sync with your iPhone over WiFi. Review is fully aware of the amazing Retina display on iPhone 4 and will scale mockups accordingly. Now you will able to see with 100% accuracy how your mockup will look; your images are not compressed in any way. Review even has a few additional tricks: - When displaying an icon-sized image it will render it exactly as it would appear on the home screen, with rounded corners and optionally the typical glow. - As most designers will design their UI in Photoshop, by simple use of a hotkey, Review will grab the current Photoshop document you are working on, convert it to PNG and push it to the device for immediate viewing. It couldn't be easier. Review for iPhone requires the free Mac companion, Review Sync, available at This companion app requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

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