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Description This newest version of our VoiceBox Dialer adds voice driven business search. Now you can use your voice to search for a coffee shop, a gas station, or your nearby Home Depot. And use the maps capability to direct you to that much needed next cup of coffee.

The VoiceBox Dialer now offers voice dialing of contacts and business search. No other iPhone app offers you such a complete in-car connected services application. You can use your voice to dial by name, name-and-phone (mobile, work, home), or just by phone number. Sounds simple, but you’ll notice many other voice dialers don’t allow you to dial by number! And our technology outperforms the others even in noisy situations.

Here’s what’s new in this version:

-Find a certain type of business while you’re out and about
"Find a nearby Car Wash"
"Where is the nearest Hardware Store?”
“Where is a Starbuck’s?”

You can call the business you found, and then show its location on our in-app map, a new feature. You can also get exact directions to your selected business.

-Search for a business in a different city or zip code!
Go to settings and change the search location to where you want results from and the VoiceBox Dialer will deliver. You can also increase or decrease your search radius for those times when you are in a dense metro area.

And who better to partner with than – one of the most respected names in the business! In addition to accessing their great business category search, you can also directly voice-dial any big-name national chain like Home Depot or Starbucks.

But wait, there’s more!

-A true, stand-alone dialer
We wanted to avoid requiring you to jump out of our product into the iPhone dialer. That’s why we included access to your contacts and a dial pad within our app. We’ve done the same with Favorites and Recents, so Dialer eliminates the need to exit the application!

In fact, most of our users move our icon to the iPhone Dock bar to provide quick access, since you will use the VoiceBox Dialer all the time.

-Simplified access to settings, right in the app
We listened to your comments and have simplified access to our settings page. You can now set auto dial, delays, and audio prompt options right from within our app. If you want to dial without a confirmation, for example, simply choose Auto Dial. Our audio prompt option helps when you can’t look at the screen. But you can turn them off on the easily accessed settings page as well.

Remember to update your phone to the new 3.1.2 iPhone OS. This OS update fixes the call confirmation issues many of our users have commented on. Also, in response to some of the ratings comments, please note that we do not download your contact info. We do access your contact names only. We do not access phone numbers, email addresses or any other contact info.

A complete dialer that doesn’t ask you to jump in and out, to access the iPhone dialer…

Patented, award winning conversational voice search technology that simply works better, even in noisy situations.

The best just got better: get VoiceBox Dialer now with superpages.