Current Version Version: 7.1.3 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Daniel Amstutz
Price $10.00
Description How important are your passwords? Think about it. All your money, your bank accounts, financial info, health info, credit cards, insurance, and everything else you need to keep private is protected by passwords. They're not just for email, Facebook and Twitter. So when you're looking for a password manager, pick one you can trust. eWallet®, from Ilium Software, has been trusted by mobile users for over 12 years. With more than half a million users, in-house telephone support, and dozens of major industry awards, eWallet is your best - and safest - choice for your confidential information. ***When you buy eWallet, you'll be able to use it on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. You won't have to pay more than once to use eWallet on all three devices!*** eWallet protects your information completely, with: + Secure storage for passwords, usernames, PINs + Strong 256-bit AES encryption + Secure storage for bank and credit card info + Time-out locks to keep your info safe + Live URLs that launch the websites you know, without the dangers of phishing emails or typing errors taking you elsewhere + An automatic password generator to create strong, secure passwords eWallet lets you synchronize and back up your info: + Sync and back up your info to your Mac OS X or Windows desktop: You can purchase the complete eWallet package from our website. The complete package lets you use eWallet on your Mac OS X or Windows desktop. + Item-level sync lets you use and change your info everywhere + Sync as many wallets as you want - no restrictions + Use the Mac OS X or Windows desktop version free for 30 days + Note: synchronization with Mac OS X and Windows desktop is available via WiFi only eWallet lets you keep and use your info the way you want it: + Great-looking cards, with your own graphics or ours + Create great looking wallets by synching images used as backgrounds from the Windows desktop version + Complete search to quickly find the info you need + Customize cards with your own photos + Copy usernames, passwords, and other info from the card face and paste them into Safari or other programs + Choose your own categories and subcategories + Add personal notes and security questions to any cards + Have as many different wallets as you want + Live URLs, phone numbers and email addresses right where you need them You want to keep your passwords convenient. You have to keep them secure. And you need to be confident that you can use them when you need to. Get a password manager from a company you can trust. Get eWallet.

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