Current Version Version: 3.2
Author Patrick Barry
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!! IMPORTANT NOTE: The newest version of the iPhone OS — version 3.0 released June 17 — enables users to view and compose emails in landscape mode in the built-in Mail program. You no longer need Wide Email in order to write emails with the wider, landscape keyboard.

However, Wide Email still makes writing emails and tweets much faster and easier with its "typing shortcuts" feature, described below. And it automatically saves sent drafts to use as templates for writing new emails. These extra features are why Wide Email remains on sale for iPhone OS 3.0 users.


Quickly write whole words or phrases by typing only one or two letters. For example, when you type "cu", the phrase "see you later" is automatically inserted.

Similar to AutoType on the BlackBerry, AutoText in Microsoft Word, and typing macros in various desktop programs.

• Customize your shortcuts by adding, changing, or deleting a virtually unlimited number of shortcuts

• Use shortcuts to insert single words, sentences, or entire paragraphs

• Shortcuts can insert multiple lines. For example, "adr" could insert your whole 3-line mailing address. Enables shortcuts to insert multiple paragraphs.


You can use Wide Email to post new tweets to your Twitter account through Twitterrific. Writing tweets is faster and easier using the landscape keyboard, which Twitterrific doesn't provide. You can also use all the typing shortcuts you've created!

(You must download and install Twitterrific on your iPhone or iPod touch for this to work. The basic version is free in the App Store.)



• Save drafts to finish later — great for writing long emails to friends

• Automatically saves copies of sent emails, just in case

• Automatically saves drafts if program is interrupted, e.g. by home key

• View more of your message at once while typing: subject line moved into top bar, and iPhone status bar hidden when in landscape mode.

• Drafts in the auto-saved, "sent drafts" list can now be deleted one at a time as well as all at once.

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