Current Version Version: 1.6
Author Fuse Powered Inc.
Price $1.00
Description THE GREAT JAWS SUMMER SALE! *** GET IT NOW AND SAVE *** The official game based on the terrifying summer blockbuster that started it all. #5 TOP PAID IPHONE GAME IN MAJOR APPLE iTUNES STORES, INCLUDING THE US, UK, CA AND AU MARKETS! “A Must Buy – 4.5/5 Stars” – “Jaws for the iPhone is cause for celebration” – “The later levels are downright frantic, and Jaws himself looks great” – “Great twist on the path drawing-drawing genre” – “It’s pretty easy for us to recommend Jaws on the iPhone” – Amity Island has everything – clear skies, gentle surf, warm water. People flock there every summer. It’s the perfect feeding ground. As local Police Chief Martin Brody, your job is to keep the waters of Amity safe. Unfortunately, there’s a large and deadly threat with a big appetite lurking out there. You must respond to numerous distress calls around the island and rescue swimmers before they become the shark’s next meal. Features Include: - Casual and intuitive touch-based game - Survival and Campaign Mode - Touch, drag and flick swimmers to beaches and boats out of the way of Jaws -10 challenging levels with a climactic final battle between man and shark - The Academy Award ® winning theme from John Williams brings the intensity of Jaws to life on your iOS device

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