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Description "With all the...not so great apps out was a breath of fresh air to try your app." - Splice together HD photos and videos in an amazingly simple way. Add music tracks from your iPod library, sound effects, transitions, borders, effects (like Ken Burns, slow motion and fast forward), trim video and audio, narrate with your own voice, and much more. (Available on the iPhone 4/3GS and iPod Touch running iOS 4.2) * VOTED #6 ON TOP 10 IPHONE APPS OF 2010 * "Video editing can be a really frustrating experience, especially if you’re trying to do it with only a few inches of screen real estate. Splice separates the pain from the process and injects the fun back into creating movies with a raft of powerful but super easy-to-use tools." - What's New in Splice 2.0: HD support, advanced audio editing, in-app purchase of music/sound fx/borders, Ken Burns, slow motion, fast forward, custom video trimmer, custom photo/video picker that allows time-saving bulk imports onto timeline, multiple audio tracks, scrub on preview, help screen, feedback button, and many other user interface, performance and usability improvements. Splice allows you to create and edit videos from start to finish via your iPhone or iPod Touch with no laptop or desktop computer necessary. The power of Hollywood is now with you, anytime, anywhere. Splice is the most advanced, portable video editing and audio production mobile application on the market. Splice puts you in total control, allowing users to assemble video clips, music, photos, visual effects, text, audio mixing, and creative expression, along with exacting synchronization of sound effects and voice-overs. Your only limit is your imagination. Splice offers a host of special features that cannot be found on any other portable video editing/production app, thereby delivering a high level of sophistication coupled with ease of use. Splice EXCLUSIVE features include: • Simple, easy-to-use ‘drop-and-drag’ features for assembling video clips and photos • Splice Store with hundreds of sound effects, music tracks and borders that can be purchased to enhance your videos • Time-saving multi photo/video picker for adding new content to the timeline • Control and mix for multiple tracks of audio • Intuitive and easy to use time line • Precise synchronization of music tracks, sound effects and a narration track Other Splice features: • Output in HD quality (only on HD devices) • Ability to add music from iTunes or other music sources • Preloaded with music and sound effects • Ability to add visual effects (such as slow motion and fast forward) • Ability to transitions • Ability to apply Ken Burns effects to photos and videos • Ability to title slides with custom text positioning and resizing Never miss another opportunity to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Your baby‘s first step. Your vacation, party, graduation, family reunion – virtually any event in your life. Or use your creativity to tell a story of your making. If you can think it, you can create it. Splice levels the playing field, making users the Director, Producer, Writer, Distributor, and even the Star. Total freedom of expression via video has never been easier. Our award-winning technical team is committed to delivering the best video production application possible. We are excited by the possibilities and value your feedback as we help Splice users share their world with the rest of the world.