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Description Manuscript for Mac has been released. It is fully compatible with both the iPhone and iPad versions. It contains many additional features and improvements. Get it now on the Mac App Store. Whether you are writing an entire novel, a short story, or even articles for submission to magazines, Manuscript for iPad takes care of the details and lets you focus on writing. This all-in-one writing app will take you from pitch to a publication ready document, in four easy steps: 1.Pitch - Begin with a several sentences long description of your manuscript’s main idea. 2.Synopsis - Create a longer description that is based on your manuscripts’ major plot developments. 3.Chapter Outline - Create empty chapters and outline them according to your synopsis. 4.With the detail from your pitch, synopsis, and chapter outlines, you begin to write the content of each chapter. Manuscript for iPad can be used for more than stories and novels. Use it at your next production meeting for brainstorming or story boarding. Keep it handy during meetings for note taking, and use the index card to organize your thoughts and goals. As you are writing, Manuscript for iPad puts you in control of every aspect of your manuscript, from start to finish: * Create a storyboard with color-coded index cards. * Rearrange the index cards to organize each part of your plot and character development. * Easily add, edit, reorder and summarize chapters. * Track your page count and word count * Choose from several paper types to write on. * Import or export an existing manuscript with Dropbox. * Easily convert any textual document to a format that can be imported into Manuscript for iPad. * Built in web tools for research, such as Wikipedia, Google, dictionary and Thesaurus.