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Personal finance management application iBearMoney:
● Top 1 Finance app in over 20 countries (Dec 29)
● More than 200.000 users all over the world
● Money 4.0 is the 35th release of Money
● Over 1 year on the App Store
● Apple Stores pick across the USA
● Finovate Startup 09 selected participant
● Winner of industry leaders-sponsored IT conference

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With the 35th release Money has turned into such a financial application that matches the best Apple's idea of combining most elegant design and high productivity. We have described all the changes with Money in our (Future of Money).

What you can do with Money:

● Balance tab: Create and track all your accounts (wallets), including your cash, debit and credit cards, savings accounts and even non-monetary assets and liabilities like real-estate, shares, etc.

● Transactions tab: Track your income and expenses for each account (wallet). You can enter information manually or through OFX import.

● Budget tab: Budget your income and expenses, and see growing bars for each subcategory indicating the progress, plus a general Bar for the entire Budget category

● Reports tab: Monitor everything that happens with your accounts, transactions and progress of your budget, building colorful charts and exporting data to email

Some of the other features that Money gives you:

Data input and export related:
- quickest input from the app (up to 2 taps for 1 transaction using templates)
- OFX import
- send data to email and export data to popular financial formats QIF and CSV

Records related:
- add notes, photos and audio tracks to any transaction
- use multiple currencies when necessary
- convert currencies and auto-update rates
- specify recipients and sources of your transactions
- add automatic reoccurring transactions
- all actual Transactions are integrated with Accounts and Budget

Design related:
- golden color scheme
- 3D looking icons
- colorful Budget bars
- glowing charts in Budget
- stripe lines for easy reading
- compact upper bars
- calendar mode available when rotating the device from Transactions
- customizable interface by changes in filters and defaults
- Apple's requirements compliant

Budget related:
- create under two default categories (Income and Expenses) as many subcategories as you want, and track their progress separately with small visual bars
- track overall Budget progress with a textual field and a Big visual bar
- extra widget: Budgeting planner that analyzes your previous periods and helps with planning

- iDisk integrated
- unlimited number of accounts (wallets)
- unlimited number of user profiles
- password (optional) protecting your profile
- free data backup
- create your own icons with free Icon Manager
- 17 languages available
- Help Center available online, including video FAQ
- other features: read

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Enjoy the Apple-compatible interface and features

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