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Description Take A Note is a versatile note taking application with direct access to your notes from any PC or Mac computer. You can browse all your notes as text, sound and image files, copy these files to your computer and even add existing text documents as new notes. Take A Note has everything you need for your note taking needs on the go: four types of notes, custom categories, search, send by email functions and very nice custom made interface. With Take A Note you can: TRANSFER YOUR NOTES TO ANY MAC OR PC Any Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows Vista computer can connect to the iPhone or iPod Touch running Take A Note. This gives you the access to all your notes as a files that you can freely backup, delete and edit. Please note that no additional software is required. WRITE, SPEAK AND DRAW NOTES ANYWHERE You can create all types of notes depending on your current need. Take A Note allows you to write text notes, record voice messages, draw memos with a finger and take photos with comments instantly. CATEGORIZE THE NOTES Organize your memos using custom categories that you can add, delete and remove at any time. SHARE YOUR NOTES Share the information stored within your notes with your friends and colleagues. It will be send by email as a file attachment. SEARCH THE NOTES Take A Note supports search by note name so you will find all needed important information easily. CREATE NEW NOTES FROM YOUR COMPUTER Have a note on your computer that you want to get on your iPhone? Just create new text file on your device running Take A Note and copy&paste note text there. More over you can copy whole folder with text, sound or image files to your device and they will be instantly transformed into new notes. ***COMPATIBILITY*** - Voice notes are not supported on iPod Touch 1G - Voice notes are supported on iPod Touch 2G with external microphone connected. P.S. Yes, Take A Note supports text note creation/editing in landscape mode.