Current Version Version: 1.2
Author Marc Edwards
Price $3.00
Description Jobs has just the right features to make it a powerful time tracker, but none of the fluff, so it is intuitive and lightning fast to use. Creating time sheets has never been simpler—add a job, then press play to start tracking. Each job features an hourly rate, initial fee, associated client and total time spent on the job, broken into sessions.

✔ Multiple timers
Jobs can ensure only a single job is running or can run several job timers at once. You can even choose to keep timers running while Jobs is closed.

✔ Sessions
Every time you start or stop working on a job, Jobs logs it. Sessions can be manually created, edited and deleted.

✔ Exporting
Jobs lets you export individual jobs or all jobs for a client as CSV or plain text via email.

✔ Currencies
Jobs supports most of the different currency symbols of the world, like $, €, ¥ and more.

Jobs will be improved over time until we’re convinced it can’t get any better. Visit for more info and screenshots.

“A time-tracker glistening with features and good design.”
Apple Insider

“Tracking time is very easy—just select a job and touch the large start button. Task time is tracked until you press stop, even if the device sleeps, you run other applications, or get a call on your iPhone.”
Dale Gardner, Macworld

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