Current Version Version: 1.6 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Andrea Vettori
Price $5.00
Description ABContacts: the powerful contacts manager. Now with GROUP SMS on any iOS4 device. You can also use ABContacts and call with Skype instead of the telephone app. 4/5 : ABContacts is jam-packed with powerful features to improve the experience of managing your iPhone or iPod touch contacts. 9/10: ABContacts Makes Group Contact Management as Easy as 1-2-3 4.5/5: Recommended : Better User's guide available on the web site, or use the link below in iTunes. See below for quick instructions and notes. Please read the guide, most negative reviews are from people that have not read the user's guide. If in dubt, send an email to support ! ****** The app has five windows : - Contacts - Smart Groups - Dialer - Recent Calls - Favorites With Smart Groups you can create dynamic groups based on rules. Contacts will be filed in smart groups automatically. There are five different types of rules and they work on first name, last name, company, notes, job title, department, city, state, country, birthday and events fields, emails and phones. Rules can be combined to create very powerful filters ! Moreover, since smart groups are used by ABContacts and not synced, Outlook users will be able to create smart groups on the phone that finally does not alter how contacts are shown in Outlook. Check the user's guide to learn all the possibilities. The dialer is associated with a smart search feature. You can search contacts using the dialer keypad. Spaces and special chars are supported as well as non english letters. Phonetic info are used if present. You can also speed dial the first nine favorites by pressing and holding the corresponding key down. Favorites has two view modes: list and photos. You can add, use and manage favorites with the list mode and use them in the photo view. All feature list does not fit the space available on iTunes, we have too much features :) Please take a look to the website for the complete feature list. Notes: To open the Quick Actions TAP AND HOLD on the group name or contact name. To open the window selector tap on the title bar. GROUP SMS is available on any device running iOS4 -or- as an option when using a compatible app to send the sms. Please look at the compatible apps on the web site If you're using an app for email, sms or phone and you want to use it with ABContacts please ask the developers to contact us. IMPORTANT: If something is not working for you PLEASE contact the support email. If you just write in reviews we can't understand what the problem is and fix it. We have carefully tested the app but there may exist unexpected conditions and we can't find them if you don't contact us. Moreover is frequent that you simply need to read the guide to solve your issue. WARNING: Native groups will not sync back if you are synching with Exchange. If you have issues creating groups when syncing with Exchange, take a look at our support web page for a workaround. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR GROUP TEXTING : If you're experiencing issues sending to large groups and you're on AT&T, check the setting of "Group Messaging" on the iPhone settings. It has to be off to be able to send to large groups. That setting regards how the message app groups replies. This iPhone setting also configure if your texts are sent as MMS or SMS, you have to set it to OFF to send regular SMS and all replies to your texts will be sent to all recipients. Set it to OFF to do regular group texting.

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